HEY! You're My Coffee Guy!


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Way back in the early 1990's, I tried my hand at cartooning with the goal of one day being published in The New Yorker.  â€‹After many submissions (and rejections) I sold a cartoon...to the Saturday Evening Post.  With that $100 check in hand, I decided my time would be better spent honing my illustration skills.  Shortly thereafter, I left Hermosa Beach for San Francisco, where I attended art school.  My day job, as a barista, kept a roof over my head, caffeine in my veins, and provided lots of material for a comic strip

I was planning to call "Hey, You're My Coffee Guy".  I'll be posting old drawings and ideas for the strip on this page. And perhaps my little comic will one day grace the funny pages of your local paper, just below the daily Jumble.